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Planning a BFF Photo Session

Senior year is a time when you make all of your last high school memories before graduation and enter your new life. As time goes by, life will get hectic and crazy and these memories will start to fade. Planning a BFF session will help preserve these memories forever and help create some new ones during this fun photo shoot! Below are some tips to help you come up with a plan for your session:

  • Location

Choose a location that means something to you and your bestie. If you like to hang out at Missoula's Caras Park, Missoula's local downtown shops or floating and swimming at the Clark Fork River, these are places we could go for your session. If you are in drama club or in the elite high school volleyball team and want to recreate some memories in the theatre or high school gym, we want to incorporate these things as well. Even better, Infinite Photography has a complimentary BFF Session included in our Glam Pack Collection.

  • Props

Now it's time to think about props. Do you want to bring your sunglasses because you two are obsessed with oversized shades? How about a copy of your favorite magazine so you can look through it and get all the latest celebrity gossip during our session - talk about multi-tasking! Are you planning on going to the same college like the University of Montana after graduation? If so, you can bring some college swag to your session! You can bring your graduation caps/gowns if you would like. We can even stop by and grab some props during your session - if you are Starbucks or Florence Coffee lovers, we can take some photos of you and your BFF at your favorite coffee shop, or we can stop for some Big Dipper or Sweet Peaks ice cream cones for some super cute shots. Think about the possible things that you guys like to do together and bring items that will reflect it in the photos.

  • Clothing

When it comes to clothing, you don't want to be completely matchy-matchy (unless you are going to the twin BFF look). However, you don't want to clash either. Choose a color palette that looks good on both of you and coordinate your outfits with colors from that scheme. Don't forget to bring matching sneakers or flats and accessories.

Have fun at your BFF session!


Infinite Photography Missoula - Missoula Photographer

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