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Wedding Photography Terminology 101

As photographers, we use a lot of terminology that a client may not understand. This article is to help you get to know some of our terms in regard to your wedding photography services with Infinite Photography Missoula!

  • Traditional - Traditional wedding photos are the standard portraits, poses, and events taken at weddings. These are the images that we get at every wedding, no matter what. For example, bride and groom standing side-by-side looking at the camera, or the exchanging of rings and kiss during the ceremony.

  • Candid - Candid images are photos that are not planned, but are taken as they happen. They are very much in the moment and are different for every single wedding. They aren't posed or forced.

  • Pinterest - This is when a photo is posed via a style that can be found on the popular website, Pinterest. We often have clients show us their Pinterest inspiration boards they have created of different images they like.

  • Romantic - These are images that are based on the couple and shows them interacting with one another and being lovey toward each other. They are sweet and more natural poses.

  • Fun - Fun photos are spontaneous, in the moment photos where the couple or bridal party acts silly and loosens up as opposed to the sometimes stiff feeling of formal photos.

  • Editorial - Editorial images are images that are more on the high-end. Photos that look like they can be on the cover of Vogue or the Knot Wedding magazine.

  • Details - Detail shots are just that - pictures of details, like the flowers, your rings, place settings, shoes, jewelry, etc.

  • Formals - Formal photos are typically done after the ceremony (sometimes before) where the family and bridal party gets together with the bride and groom and takes photos where everyone is looking at the camera and smiling. There are a variety of photo groups here depending on the family bridal party sizes and with whom you want photos.

  • Bridal Party - This includes your maid (or matron) of honor, best man, bridesmaids, groomsmen, ring bearer, flower girl, and ushers.

  • Same Plane - When we are taking photos and we tell you to 'Get on the same plane' that means that we want all of your faces/bodies to be on the same level so that everyone can remain in focus.

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