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Welcome to Montana's premier boudoir studio: Infinite Photography Boudoir. 


I believe every woman is beautiful and my goal is to make each one of you feel glamorous, sexy and gorgeous. My style of boudoir photography is modern and sultry. I am an all-female boudoir studio located in Missoula with clients coming from all over Montana, Idaho and Eastern Washington!

Why should you do a boudoir?

So imagine walk into our Infinite Photography studio where there is fun music playing, candles burning and a glass of champagne waiting for you.

You walk over to our glam makeup and hair station, sit down on the chair and feel the stress melt away as you receive makeup application and hair styling. Once the false lashes are on and your hair is styled, you will spend the next hour or so playing dress up in sultry lingerie. I will guide you and pose you so you will not have a worry about what to do while I am clicking away with my camera! But before you know it, you are feeling sexy, confident and amazing! That is the power of an amazing boudoir session.

Thinking of a gift for your spouse?


Imagine the look on his face when he opens the album you created, filled with gorgeous images of you. You will have to pick his jaw up off the floor. Boudoir is not only a great gift to GIVE someone….it’s a perfect gift to give YOURSELF!



Are you getting married?


Boudoir portraits are the PERFECT gift for your soon-to-be husband! It’s personal, it’s unique and it’s something that no on else can get him except YOU!

I have earned a reputation for discretion. Rest assured that I value your privacy and that your images are safe with me. With that said, I would love permission only use images from your session in marketing materials and on my website with your permission. Of course, we will cover this in our consultation and our contract agreement.

Are you ready?! It’s not everyday that you get to have your hair and makeup done and dress up for the camera. Unless you are a celebrity, it’s likely that you haven’t done it at all. So why not take this opportunity to experience the glam!

Missoula Boudoir Studio Photographer

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